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Never miss a thing

Spottiapp lets you post messages on your location that can be seen by nearby users on the feed and by all users on the map. This can be used for a lot of things. For example:

Know what is happening around you

Stay updated on news that is being posted around you.

Find out where that awesome party is tonight

Ask fellow students in the city where you have to go for a party tonight.

Compliment someone

Compliment that good looking boy/girl that just walked past you and invite him/her for a coffee.

Share your thoughts

Share your thoughts about that awesome musician at the corner of the street.

Find your lost keys

Ask the people around you if someone has found your car keys.

Meet new people

Meet people by asking if they want to join you and have a drink in the park.

Receive discounts

Receive great discounts from bars, clubs, restaurants and more around you.


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